Rapid Locksmiths in Eastleigh | UPVC Door Lock Repair Services

Jammed UPVC Door Lock – There are many different makes and models of UPVC locking mechanism the fact is they all do the same job some are better quality then others but once they get worn or the the door is not fitted properly and is rubbing or you can hear a grinding sound when you lift the handle the lock will fail, A lot of the they break with the door in the locked position.

Rapid Locksmith in Eastleigh are able to opening the lock with out any damage to the door, We keep a large collection of spare parts for the more common UPVC Locks so we are able to repair the UPVC lock rather the just replacing it, Saving you time and money.

Loose UPVC Door Handles – A lot of handles fitted on UPVC doors are fitted with a plastic clip on the back of the handle which you cant see unless you take the handles off, Once this clip gets worn the handle becomes loose, When it gets loose the handle can not be repaired it needs to be Replaced. Rapid Locksmiths in Eastleigh carry a large collection of handle for you to pick from.

Replacement Barrel on UPVC Door – Rapid Locksmiths in Eastleigh keep a large stock of new UPVC barrel if you have multiple doors these can be supplied so that one key will fit all of the locks.

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